Bill is a Colorado native. He is influenced mostly by the old southern rock bands Charlie Daniels is his favorite-  he was raised on that old classic country stuff although he did own all of the Deep Purple records. Bill loves craft beer  and fireworks.

Chuck Williams

Lead guitar/vocals

Dave Fry

Bass Guitar / Sponsors

Dave is also known as "Plum Tuckered"

He worked in a long line of New York City punk bands

Before he came to BUMKIN. Dave is the Captain of a sail boat in his spare time.

Bill Walsh

Vocals/ Harmonica

Chuck has been playing in bands for 30 plus years. Country, rock, blues, disco-he likes all types of music, learning his chops from the likes of  Neal Schon, Marc Knopfler, Andy Summers, to name a few.

"Growing up there was always music in the house. You name it- everything from Dad's Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison and Chet Atkins', to my older brother's Chris Ledoux's early stuff , to my sister's Zepplin and Van Halen records. Needless to say I got a good earful of music. Even Celtic stuff like the Chieftans and Irish rovers."

Chuck enjoys playing for people. " If I look out and see people enjoying what we are doing , well that's what its all about for me"

Scott likes the band DaDa. He endorses "chuck Taylor" tennis shoes. He is a "Dapper Dan" man.

Scott Collins
Drums/ Vocals


First of all a BUMKIN (with out a P) is a large wooden beam used to hold down the main sail on a sail ship : A definition that also defines our work ethic, and our sound; solid as a wooden beam.

BUMKIN was conceived in 2004 when founding members set out to build something different. The  idea centered around "Honky Tonk" some of the terms used to set the project on course were; raw, edgy, unfiltered, unorganic, and swampy. A sound that's all about the mixture of -sour mash, corn bread, catfish,  barbed wire, and tumbleweed. Music that helps folks forget about  their burdens, blue collar music through and through no shiny loafers, no ties, no BS.